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Ultrabooks with Intel chips will be protected from theft

Posted by admin on Сентябрь - 19 - 2011

One of the products that Intel has developed after the software company McAfee is a technology that is made to protect data in case of theft. Project the two companies will be completely focused on the new series ultrabooks, which will be presented in 2012.McAfee anti-theft software will benefit from the provision of security systems, integrated chips, Intel. It will include various features to protect data from theft, which can be found in some smart phones, remote locking, deleting information and tracking information.
McAfee technology will provide OEM-manufacturers who develop ultrabuki. This means that the new ultra-thin notebooks will ship with pre-installed security software. Of course, if consumers do not want to use the services of McAfee, you can set a different, more suitable for their program with similar functions.

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