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Invented a laptop that can cook

Posted by admin on Сентябрь - 19 - 2011

Anyone who has lived in the dorms remembers that he was trying to use the maximum number of items in the smallest space possible. If a product that is invented by Yanko Design will be presented to the consumer market, it would certainly make many students happy. After all, the laptop and plate two in one really good saves space.
Amazing concept belongs to the Macedonian designer Dragan Trenchevski. It’s called Mobile Electrolux Kitchen and this is exactly what you’re thinking – the design of portable kitchen and features a laptop. This unique product has a webcam so we could talk with a neighbor while cooking, and of course the master device is easy to check the recipes on the Internet. Naturally, the concept is equipped with standard features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

There is no doubt a great idea turns the laptop keyboard in an electric stove. Today it seems almost impossible, however, is in the recent past and the laptop was out of the realm of fantasy.


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