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Review Lenovo IdeaPad S205 subnotebook with a Fusion processor

Posted by admin on Сентябрь - 29 - 2011

Benefits of netbooks. Atom in flight – Fusion taxis. Now the smallest IdeaPad joined fellow of Toshiba, HP and Sony, using the advantages of APU-platform, such as portability and an integrated HD-video.

With IdeaPad S205 (M632HGE) Lenovo rises on one of the highest positions in the ranking of sub-notebooks. In any case, it comes with FreeDOS model M632GGE small hard drive with 250 GB and 1024 MB of memory. The price of this configuration with AMD Fusion E-350 and 11.6-inch screen, the bar breaks the 260 euros and almost below the level of the cheapest on the market of netbooks. Only cheaper systems with weaker APU C-30 and C-50, such as Asus Eee (1015BX, 1015B).Because we had no mood to pass a chore traditionally the installation of Windows drivers for Lenovo, the question was only «deluxe» version of S205 (M632HGE), with 3072 MB RAM, 320 GB hard drive and 64-bit Windows. And it is 370 euros. But: the difference in rating between the «low-end» and «deluxe» low. Almost all of the specifications in this review are equally applicable to the IdeaPad S205 (M632GGE).

The working surface is made of plastic with a neat bevel on the perimeter. It makes stops at the same time comfortable for your wrists and cute. The battle with the traces of the fingers at this point is won. But not on the screen and the front of the mirror glossy plastic. Black lid looks good, thanks to a cubic texture of its surface and good resistance to deformation. When you bend slightly barely noticeable.

To form a strong product. Stops for the wrists, the area above and below the keyboard is well adjusted and never «walk». It’s really like flat bottom. However, it lacks on the cover to replace a hard drive or memory. As with the U160 is of similar design, access to the substrate is opened after loosening the set screws.

However, memory and hard drive can be changed, and the instructions on this point is the user manual. Turn off a few screws, remove the keyboard and unscrew a few screws, then you can remove the backing, and there is already opened, and access to a 2.5-inch hard disk drive and two memory slots DDR3 …

Thrust hinges tightened well, so the display is well secured at any position. A small tremor may cover the road (when driving a train or by car). The hinges allow for a good opening angle – almost 145 degrees. However, the precise fixation of the extreme position is absent. Due to magnets under the supports for the wrists and the front panel of the screen (their presence is verified by a paper clip), cover rather strongly retained in the closed position. But it is not enough: the gap to two centimeters, it is not very close.

Interfaces. The set of interfaces is very small, but the most necessary is. In addition to the three ports USB 2.0, the device has video output as an analog (VGA), as well as digital HDMI. The rest of S205 is no different from the netbook with an Atom (which usually go without HDMI). Would look bad here modern port USB 3.0, but in this price category, its presence is impossible. Also, because of its consumer orientation, IdeaPad S205 is not equipped with a docking station port, as opposed to a Class ThinkPad.

Connections. Network Card Fast Ethernet no longer meets modern standards. Most buyers will be able to save and do without it, because it is usually now go to the network via WLAN. Atheros wireless module meets the standard WLAN 802.11 b / g / n (draft n). Also, all versions of S205 (including a FreeDOS M632GGE) installed Bluetooth, and let the old standard of 2.0.

Keyboard. The layout of a bit chaotic, but the size of the keys is sufficient. This is especially true narrow, but nevertheless usable key input. The keys are well adjusted, so that we have a dense (but not rigid) depression. Accuracy enhanced by pressing a conical recess on the keys so your fingers do not slide from side to side.

Moment of operation is clearly expressed, although the key travel relatively short. This is in the printing process feels like drumming on a tree, to which, incidentally, can be used. Keys can not be compared with the S205 Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 11, but they are very similar to the last very good feedback.

Touchpad. The touchpad is integrated into the wrist rests for your fingers and provides enough resistance, thanks to tiny buttons. Outside the touchpad sensor is automatically deactivated. When printing process in the hands are above the touchpad, it loses its sensitivity, which prevents input errors. Also, it can be completely deactivated by pressing FN.

Particularly impressive in touchpad quiet, with a clear course of a button. Moment of operation is not pronounced, but still with rapid flicks to miss. Multitachpad (model Synaptics V7.2) can recognize the work of two fingers (dvuhpaltsevye gestures), which allows, for example, zoom with two fingers. Also, the touchpad has a marked vertical scroll bar. There are horizontal, but it must be activated via the control panel Synaptics.

Performance. Its 11.6-inch dual-core product Lenovo equips APU – AMD E-350 (2×1.6 GHz). This combined processor (APU – Accelerated Processing Unit) with energy-efficient 18-watt module has a built-in graphics with an instruction set of DirectX 11 and video decoder UVD3 for viewing HD-video (MPEG-2, H.264, VC-1). Graphic module Radeon HD 6310 with its more than 80 shaders – more than adequate substitute for Intel HD 3000 (12 shaders) or GMA 3150 (2 shader used in netbooks with an Atom).

At APU E-350 has a second level cache only the capacity of 1024 kb. Two of its core Bobcat superior dual-core Atom N550 same clock frequency in the disordered (out of order) execution. The kernel is sitting on the chipset and is equipped with AMD A50M 3072 MB DDR2 RAM. With the availability of two RAM-slots for a little money in memory can be expanded up to 4 GB.

Alternative subnotebooks based on dual-core Core i3 low voltage or Atom have the advantage of four cores, thanks to technology, Hyper Threading (hyperthreading). E-350 can simultaneously conduct multi-tasking computing, only two nuclei, but in the mode «out of order». Advantage or a disadvantage that in case of multi-tasking operations? This question we will ask utilities package testing multi-core Cinebench R10 32 bit. S205 scored 1960 points. Atom N550 – 1463 points. Thus, N550 yields a rate of approximately 30%. i3-380UM, despite the lower clock speed, manages to score 3355 points (Model Edge 11 Intel). As for the AMD Fusion APU C-50 (for example, in a model of Edge E125), that he had nothing to support us – the average result – 1279 points.

So, according to the results of synthetic benchmarks, AMD E-350 can only compete with dual-core Atom. That will mark the users Windows? We will answer this question estimates PCMark Vantage and PCMark 7, testing all components, including memory DDR3, hard drive and graphics card. 2259 and 867 points respectively – sparse, but the Fusion APU typical results.

Ratings and although higher than that of netbooks on the C-50 (1647 / 766, Edge E125) or Atom N550 (1671 / -, Samsung NF310), but clearly inferior processor i3-380UM (3619 / -, Edge 11) and i5-2410M (5778/1594 points, HP EliteBook 2560p). Lenovo Edge 11 with an AMD K345, apparently, the predecessor of the class Fusion, slightly larger S205 with estimates of 2409/1003 points. (Estimates PCMark not for all tested devices were reliable).

In brief, according to the system tests, S205 slightly (by about 38%) slower than the system in i3-380UM, although much faster than the Intel Atom dual core. Subjectively, as it seemed that the time of the tasks set up, or the latter more. Fusion in carrying out simultaneous multiple processes and setting up working with quite a reasonable rate, faster dual-core Intel Atom.

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